Hi! I’m Tya and I’m a twenty-something. Okay, a twenty-five (as of 2012). I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, but partly grew up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I have come, however, to consider Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where I lived for three and a half years, as my first Home.
Currently I’m back in Indonesia and working as an educator on Bali. And recently I decided to give up on cultural identity.

I don’t run marathons, take photographs, or write a lot about dating and relationships. Although I would like to have a go at marathon at least once or twice in a lifetime, earn extra money so that I could do more traveling around, and eventually meet a kind loving man with enough patience and passion to wake up in bed next to me for the rest of his life.

This blog is not a testament of a self-proclaimed fully-enlightened life. It is merely an anecdotal documentation of an emerging adult female’s continuous pursuit-of-(her)-truth and identity-unearthing process, while simultaneously trying not to take life too seriously. In – what they say are supposed to be – the most defining years of my life; my 20’s.

So here’s hoping I turn out okay in 2017!

Thanks for dropping by =)


PS: The background image for this blog is created by Vincent Siridhata, a friend of a good friend of mine, whom I’ve never met but whose artworks I have always adored and admired.


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